The City Of Vienna And Like, One Street In Budapest 

I really enjoyed Vienna. It felt really… I guess comfortable to walk around. It wasn’t jam-packed with people and I didn’t get in a tizzy trying to navigate the Tube, like I normally would.

It helped that we had the wonderful livejournal-alumn Kirsten with us, who treated us to lunch and gave us a tour of the city. We walked through the flea market, across town and along the river. Without her, Josh and I definitely would have wandered aimlessly until I ended up getting distracted by a Bershka. Thank you Kerstin, you are lovely. 

Once we’d gone our separate ways we ended up walking into an art exhibition on the street and bought some matcha soda as we waited to see WONDER WOMAN after a month of me constantly complaining about countries we’ve been in not showing it. It was everything my superhero-loving girl-geek ass wanted and I left the cinema with a big grin on my face. Austrian cinema-goers seem marginally better than English ones, but then the Austrians are able to have bars and art and community gardens by the river and not drown themselves, so Austria wins.

And then into Hungary. The relief that they speak German also was strong, since the only thing I am able to say is a very panicked “see ya!” which does mean hello/goodbye even if it’s not actually spelt like that. We stayed at a lovely little campsite that was just an elderly couple’s back garden and they were very patient when I didn’t know how to work their shower.

And then Budapest. 

As soon as we reached the city our van started leaking oil pretty heavily. The Ford garage was “too busy” to help us, so left a nice black puddle in their driveway. We’ve been parked on this one street for the last three or four hours, waiting for the AAs in England and Hungary to communicate with each other. I’ve seen many areas of interest such as the local Spar and the nemzeti dohanybolt. Truly, a rich cultural experience today. 

can the universe just give us a break please


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